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Welcome to Corridors of Peace

Corridor of Peace is a voluntary, autonomous, independent, non-governmental, non-partisan and non-profit making organization. It is a group

of people who are socially working together to break barriers that hinder daily peace in lives. Corridor of Peace engage multi-sector and community in eliminating world challenges like Xenophobia, HIV/AIDS, malaria, poverty, stigmatization, isolation of those left behind the bar, marginalized, helpless, needy, displaced, refugees, orphans, prisoners, people stressed in conflicts, civic education and awareness, information sharing and sensitizing rights of the special groups like women, children and people with disabilities.

Corridors of Peace bring hope, that refines and realizes the rights to dignified life for all, the corridor that shower peace to the deprived and anchor pillars of community survival, shall create avenue where the needy acts as a local catalyst by facilitating participatory processes which empower marginalized people with knowledge about policies which effect their development and skills which enable them to engage constructively with government and other stakeholders to secure their social and economic rights.

With us, peace is hindered when equalities and rights are not realized in lived communities. Peace is not an absence of war, it is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition for benevolence, confidence and justice that dictates that vulnerable people are empowered to enforce their ‘Right to resources’.

Peace is a state of stability where everyone can grow without causing harm to the other.

Corridor of Peace work for empowerment of women world wide, to widen up and spread the notion of goodliness.

For a balanced society, women will have to take part on equal footings. Educated women educate their children in a better way that becomes part of the society at a later stage. Our philosophy is not only to empower women to earn a decent living but also to understand and propagate full right to all resources as their male counterparts in all communities.

Projects and Needs for 2018

Corridors of Peace

Need a Barrel Organ for music project with refugees. Would you be kind enough to make us realize this dream?

Thanks to our donors!

For the contribution for making our project successful during the last year. Especially for the contribution of Table Tennis and two guitars for the refugee children.

Corridors of Peace

A Solar Powered Mill, for Chad Women who are victims of War. Gender balancing project in Chad. Counter.

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