Our Activities Include:

To find solutions to the problems faced by the marginalised people and  victims of conflicts. We travel around the world to hear firsthand from the marginalised,  refugees, and displaced people caught up in brutal wars, conflict, and natural disasters. We are independent organization  and therefore we are able to speak truth to those in power without bias or fear of consequences.

CoP advocates for lifesaving protection and assistance for migrants, displaced, and marginalised people and promotes solutions to crises. We shine  light on the real problems, and proffer solutions to policy makers both local and regional, that help bring sustainable response to those in need.

Intercultural exchange: e.g. Organizing   communal feasts and celebrations for traumatized individuals and migrants through our intercultural cooking eating and life story sharing and seminars. “Refugees, migrants and asylum seekers have right to birthdays and national feast celebrations too”.

Training in mediation for Industrial, home or school conflicts: using. Music therapy, Eurhythmy, Arts therapy, and counselling.

Organizing peace building and conflict prevention programs home and abroad.