VISION:  to harvest the benefit of migration by enabling migrants, refugees and those living on the margins, feel protected, dignified, embraced, and empowered in a world of just and welcoming communities.

GOAL: Using socio cultural activities, like arts and culture to re -dignify the life of refugees, migrants, asylum seekers and those living on the margin, home and abroad. “Those who live, eat and drink together, do not fight one another.”

PURPOSE & MISSION: To strengthen our Fellowship and work with each other, and with other organizations to amplify the call for a world without war, terror, and violence. We will insist that the only way to achieve peace is by nonviolent actions that can bring reconciliation to a human family that has been torn apart.

To continue our work locally and abroad, supporting our beneficiaries / representatives during chaos to work for peace.

To work in solidarity with those who are working for peace across the globe, by defending publicly people who are marginalized and threatened. We will continue to build and support movements for participation and security for all, regardless of race or ethnicity, sex or gender identity, religious belief, political convictions, social status, nationality, disability, or age.

We need each other’s prayers, strengths, wisdom, and humour to feed our resilience and determination in these endeavours.